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May 30 2015


FIFA 16 new feature Women's football added

The underlying gameplay engine remains identical to the men’s game, although attributes and traits are scaled to other players of the same sex. “You will get 80-rated players in the women’s teams but they’re not the same as an 80-rated player in the men’s game,” explained Rutter. “Our Cologne team [which handles all player data] has been through a ton of women’s matches over the last year or so, gathering details, information and their opinion on the players, in order to create these ratings.”

For now, that means no plans this year to include male vs female matches (“As in real life, the sport itself doesn’t support that. If that changed, we definitely would”) or feature women footballers in the series’ most popular mode, Ultimate Team. The women’s teams – which also include USA, Mexico, Sweden, France, China, Australia and Italy – can be utilised in friendlies both on and offline, in addition to a bespoke offline tournament mode.
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