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June 05 2015


FUT 16 Improvements

There are more FIFA 16 suggestions.

So I put together my new teams on Sunday/Monday and was excited to try them out. After a run of games, I'm sure you already know what I was running up against. Not a rage thread (I played about 50/50) but I noticed some problems for the average FUT user, and felt that we could improve the experience next year for them. 

1- Why have an OVR on the front of the card when it is not true? Please put PACE as the main stat. If you don't want to use one of those stats, please use the FUT16COIN BEAST rating as the main rating for each card. This will allow people to quickly pick out the best players. 

2- Change the default defense to Ultra Defense (or Park the Bus) and High Pressure/Counter Attack. I don't understand why people should have to take time every game to change this setting. 

3- LB+Y should be changed to become the default Pass option. Since this is used most of the time I don't think people should have to hit two buttons to accomplish it. 

4- Remove skill moves. Nobody is using them. Just give us one button to do a fake shot and the community will be happy. 

5- Improved Defensive AI. I know they really juiced up the auto-tackle with the patch, but why do we have to play defense at all? The person I am controlling will do nothing on defense unless I force him. The computer should know I don't want to actually play defense and should control this player until we can win the ball back. 

6- Where can I get my coins? All of the people that we watch on Youtube, that you promote, give out special discounts for us to get FIFA 16 coins. Just let us get them on the console/in the game to make it easier. It seems like everyone is able to do it anyway. 

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