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June 29 2015


What music do we want in FIFA 16?

Cool Kids – Echosmith
Chancing – Sigma ft. Paloma Faith
Bon Bon – Pitbull
I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons
Stolen Dance – Milky Chance
Summer Paradise – Simple Plan ft. Sean Pau
The Days – Avicii
Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
Stay With Me – Sam Smith
Sky full of stars– Coldplay
(Not Ideal choices for FIFA 16 I know but they all are great songs)

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June 05 2015


FUT 16 Improvements

There are more FIFA 16 suggestions.

So I put together my new teams on Sunday/Monday and was excited to try them out. After a run of games, I'm sure you already know what I was running up against. Not a rage thread (I played about 50/50) but I noticed some problems for the average FUT user, and felt that we could improve the experience next year for them. 

1- Why have an OVR on the front of the card when it is not true? Please put PACE as the main stat. If you don't want to use one of those stats, please use the FUT16COIN BEAST rating as the main rating for each card. This will allow people to quickly pick out the best players. 

2- Change the default defense to Ultra Defense (or Park the Bus) and High Pressure/Counter Attack. I don't understand why people should have to take time every game to change this setting. 

3- LB+Y should be changed to become the default Pass option. Since this is used most of the time I don't think people should have to hit two buttons to accomplish it. 

4- Remove skill moves. Nobody is using them. Just give us one button to do a fake shot and the community will be happy. 

5- Improved Defensive AI. I know they really juiced up the auto-tackle with the patch, but why do we have to play defense at all? The person I am controlling will do nothing on defense unless I force him. The computer should know I don't want to actually play defense and should control this player until we can win the ball back. 

6- Where can I get my coins? All of the people that we watch on Youtube, that you promote, give out special discounts for us to get FIFA 16 coins. Just let us get them on the console/in the game to make it easier. It seems like everyone is able to do it anyway. 

May 30 2015


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FIFA 16 new feature Women's football added

The underlying gameplay engine remains identical to the men’s game, although attributes and traits are scaled to other players of the same sex. “You will get 80-rated players in the women’s teams but they’re not the same as an 80-rated player in the men’s game,” explained Rutter. “Our Cologne team [which handles all player data] has been through a ton of women’s matches over the last year or so, gathering details, information and their opinion on the players, in order to create these ratings.”

For now, that means no plans this year to include male vs female matches (“As in real life, the sport itself doesn’t support that. If that changed, we definitely would”) or feature women footballers in the series’ most popular mode, Ultimate Team. The women’s teams – which also include USA, Mexico, Sweden, France, China, Australia and Italy – can be utilised in friendlies both on and offline, in addition to a bespoke offline tournament mode.
Tags: FIFA 16 Women

May 28 2015


Wishlist to upcoming FIFA 16

1. Champions Leuge 

2. Star Coaches characters!! As Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Van Gaal, Pellegrini and so on. 

3. That one can buy coach & switch from clubs such as Mourinho and Co in the career mode. 

4. More realistic faces

5. At scoring when players stand down at the corner where the camera and audio microphones tend to stand, that you can hear them scream. More life in the game and the atmosphere. 

6. Design your own shoes just as you can do in NHL games, with color and details. 

7. Coin Selling
Coin selling has always been a controversial side of Fifa. Coin selling makes players unaffordable, and Fifa Ultimate Team should be affordable and fun. One way to make Fifa Ultimate Team coins buyers happier with this idea would be to make Fifa Points affordable, and to make packs better. How to stop coin sellers? Easy. Just hide the club name. Now of course this wouldn’t actually stop them, it would just confuse them. Because then the coin sellers just need to know the contracts, number of owners and fitness. But, how about if EA reset the contracts, number of owners and fitness once the player was listed on the transfer market. That should easily finish off coin selling and buying.

Thank you. 
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May 27 2015

Play fullscreen
FIFA 16 Trailer
A good video sharing to everyone!
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