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FIFA 16 must reward good players

So with the new update, it is much harder to get profit from trading. I'm ok with this - this isn't an economical game, it's about who's the best at playing actual fifa. So I think there should be a dramatic shift and emphasis on the players ability in the next fifa for this update to have any positive effect. Let's be honest, there isn't a big difference between winning the div1 & div3 title. So to vastly improve the experience here's what I think the division rewards should be for next fifa:

Div 1 title: 50k + Rare gold player pack
Div 2 title: 25k + Premium Gold pack
Div 3 title: 10k + Gold Pack
Div 4 title: 9k
Div 5 title: 7k
Div 6 title: 5.5k
Div 7 title: 4.5k
Div 8 title: 3.8k
Div 9 title: 3.1k
Div 10 title: 2.5k

This will give players more incentive to play seasons and rewards for playing well. It'll also give players who don't want to spend money on fifa points to get a chance to earn fut 16 coins. Tell me what you think

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