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Wishlist to upcoming FIFA 16

1. Champions Leuge 

2. Star Coaches characters!! As Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Van Gaal, Pellegrini and so on. 

3. That one can buy coach & switch from clubs such as Mourinho and Co in the career mode. 

4. More realistic faces

5. At scoring when players stand down at the corner where the camera and audio microphones tend to stand, that you can hear them scream. More life in the game and the atmosphere. 

6. Design your own shoes just as you can do in NHL games, with color and details. 

7. Coin Selling
Coin selling has always been a controversial side of Fifa. Coin selling makes players unaffordable, and Fifa Ultimate Team should be affordable and fun. One way to make Fifa Ultimate Team coins buyers happier with this idea would be to make Fifa Points affordable, and to make packs better. How to stop coin sellers? Easy. Just hide the club name. Now of course this wouldn’t actually stop them, it would just confuse them. Because then the coin sellers just need to know the contracts, number of owners and fitness. But, how about if EA reset the contracts, number of owners and fitness once the player was listed on the transfer market. That should easily finish off coin selling and buying.

Thank you. 
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